What is EconAqua?

E|con|A|qua fire extinguishing system [e`kon:akva:...], (Technology)
Low pressure water mist extinguishing system based on sprinkler technology with particularly low consumption of water, thus providing great benefits for building owners and operators

The EconAqua system reduces the consumption of water by up to 85 per cent compared to classic sprinkler systems. Prior to EconAqua it was only possible to achieve this reduction with high pressure fine spray extinguishing systems that usually operate at pressures between 100 and 140 bar. EconAqua achieves fire control with operating pressures of less than 16 bar.

The EconAqua system is similar in function and structure to a conventional sprinkler system making it very simple to understand. In addition, as the design and installation is similar to a conventional sprinkler system the end-user will benefit from all the skills and experience of the licensed installer.