EconAqua in action

 The Squaire / Frankfurt am Main
ProjectThe Squaire
Industrial sector / RiskOffices, hotel, trade
Project locationFrankfurt am Main
OwnerIVG Immobilien AG
ConstructorCaverion Deutschland GmbH
Coverage surfaceIn total 140,000 m²
Number of sprinklers41.000, 29.000 of them are EconAqua sprinklers
Type of installationWet system

Brief presentation of the project

THE SQUAIRE is a building that has no equal: 200,000 m² of gross floor area over nine floors. The colossal structure, which rests on 86 stilts, has a height of 45 m, a width of 65 m and a length of 660 m. It is shaped like a stylized train and forms the roof of the Frankfurt long-distance train station. In conjunction with the immediately adjacent airport the overall structure is an international transport hub located in the heart of Europe.

Up to 7,000 people work in the "New Work City" and the total lettable space adds up to 140,000 m². The space is used for offices and hotels, as well as for catering and retail outlets. The accounting firm KPMG as well as Lufthansa are well-known tenants, who appreciate the good highway, rail and air traffic infrastructure connection. Two Hilton hotels have moved in and serve as "airport hotels".


Brief presentation of the EconAqua water mist sprinkler system

The decisive consideration for the owner was the low weight of the EconAqua system: the decision was taken on the basis of stress analysis considerations. The aim was to relieve the weight of the building structure resting on the columns with a lower inherent weight of the system components.  Due to the lower water consumption, it was possible to reduce the piping dimensions. It was possible to use DN 25 branch pipes instead of DN 32 pipes as required for conventional sprinkler systems. Up to six EconAqua sprinklers can be installed on each branch pipe. And the distribution pipes, too, were reduced by two nominal sizes.

In addition, a reduced amount of water combined with less friction losses and a lower pressure led to a reduction of the sprinkler pump.