EconAqua in action

Silver Tower
ProjectSilver Tower
Industrial sector / RiskHigh-rise building
Project locationFrankfurt am Main
CompletionMarch 2012
ConstructorMinimax GmbH & CO. KG, Frankfurt Office
Coverage surface
120,000 m²
Number of sprinklers8,000 sprinklers
Type of installationWet system

Brief presentation of the project

From 1978 to 1990, the Silver Tower - the Dresdner Bank high-rise building - with its height of 166 m was the highest building in Germany. For the current tenant, Deutsche Bahn, the high-rise building with its two underground floors and 32 storeys was fully gutted, renovated and subsequently refurbished.


Brief presentation of the EconAqua water mist sprinkler system

Initially, this project was conceived with a conventional sprinkler system; however, due to the small amount of space available for installation and the disadvantageous pressure conditions an EconAqua water mist extinguishing system was eventually installed.

The entire building is provisioned with two pressure levels.

As is required by the fire protection concept, each floor is accessed with a redundant supply system and individually monitored by means of flow sensors.


Special feature of the EconAqua water mist sprinkler system

With approximately 40 cm, the existing concrete core offers only a very limited space for installing all technical building equipment facilities.