EconAqua in action

Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg
ProjectHotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg
Industrial sector / RiskHotel
Project locationHamburg (An der Alster)
OwnerOctavian Hotel Holding
ConstructorMinimax GmbH & CO. KG, North Germany Office, Reinfeld
Coverage surfaceca. 17,000 m²
Number of sprinklers1,600 Sprinkler
Type of installation4 wet systems (1st to 4th floor), 1 dry system (top floor)

Brief presentation of the project

The Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg opened in 1909 as a Grand Hotel for the passengers of the Hamburg-America Line. The facade of the hotel was renovated in 2008.

Since October 2010 the building is listed as a historic monument. General renovation works have started early in 2010.

In the following 12 to 14 months a large part of the rooms and suites were renovated and refurbished as part of an overall investment of approximately EUR 25 million.


Brief presentation of the EconAqua water mist sprinkler system

The extinguishing system consists of a wet system (1st to 4th floor) and a dry system (top floor).

The individual floors of the wet system are again subdivided by flow sensors. Water is supplied via a 20 m³ intermediate tank with an automatic water refill function.


Special feature of the EconAqua water mist sprinkler system

The owner was very adamant about preserving in some rooms - in particular the suites - the original stucco ceiling decoration. To this end, EconAqua sidewall sprinklers were used and carefully integrated into the stucco ceiling decoration.