Customer Value

EconAqua protects people, property and the environment by means of efficient fire fighting. Furthermore the sprinkler system enables customers to meet administrative requirements, e.g. in order to obtain a building permit and to claim rebates on the premiums charged for their fire protection insurance.

In many cases, EconAqua offers substantial advantages for customers compared to traditional protection systems such as

  • classic sprinkler systems,
  • high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems.

To know more about the difference between EconAqua and classic sprinkler systems or high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems click here:

Typical results of an assessment of the alternatives.


Classic Sprinkler System

EconAqua Water Mist System

High Pressure System

Technical Criteria

Use of Water - + ++
Space required for the pump room- ++
Space required for pipe routes - + ++
Prevention of clogging ++ + o

Economic criteria

System installation costs ++ + --
Pump room construction costs - + +
Power & water connection costs o + o
Maintenance costs + + -

Cost of ownership

+ ++ -

++ very beneficial + beneficial o neutral - disadvantageous / -- very disadvantageous