Areas of application

The EconAqua system is a sprinkler system that uses water efficiently and hence reduces the need to store large quantities of water for the fire protection system. It also reduces the consumption of water during system testing and under fire conditions. It is therefore used where limited water is available, either through lack of available supply or where the end-user is concerned about the environmental impact of water usage.

The system is also beneficial for areas where the user is concerned about any potential water damage in sensitive, or high-value areas.

EconAqua systems are suitable for protecting the following risk classifications:

  • LH (Light Hazard)
  • OH1 (Ordinary Hazard Group 1) (which do not involve risks to production)
  • OH2 (Ordinary Hazard Group 2) (only multi-storey car parks / underground garages)

Typical examples of application

  • Official and government buildings
  • Archives, document and storage rooms (floor space of up to 50 m², partitioned off in F30/T30 quality)
  • Railway stations (without sales areas)
  • Banks
  • Reading rooms in libraries
  • Office and administration buildings
  • EDP rooms < 50 m² (e.g. server rooms, without tape storage)
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Churches
  • Hospitals, retirement homes and other care facilities
  • Parking garages / underground parking
  • Schools, universities and other educational establishments
  • Penal institutions
  • Hostels, apartment houses
  • Double floors and false ceilings

Further examples of the range of applications are available in the "References" section.